Sunday, January 13, 2008

You Will Not Die If You Miss One Meal (most of you)

On my way home from the Nun Concert today I remembered I needed milk. There is a local market right near my home. I pulled in to the parking lot; there was not one space available.

WTF I thought?

And then I remembered............we are supposed to have some snow here tonight. And in true New England fashion, panic set in.

Oh god, we might never get out.
Oh god, we're going to be stuck inside tomorrow; we better get food for the next week.
Oh god, we better get milk and bread because................. (does anyone else wonder why we always had to go get milk and bread. If I am going to die because of some snow storm shouldn't it be cheesecake we're buying? And if we went for milk and bread, how come crap ended up in the house as well?)

If I may be honest here......... if any one of you reading this missed one meal you would not die. I'll be you would even survive missing two. And around here, the roads are usually passable in a window of two meals.

So next time you're watching the weather, why don't you take a close look at what is in the kitchen; I'll bet you'll be okay without baking cookies.

And as for a few of those people walking in and out of the store today, they would have been okay two or three months!


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