Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Now I Can't Eat Dinner!

A tale told to me by Ed:

"Now I can't eat dinner; tomorrow is weigh-in" said Beth after she helped Ed polish off a bag of Cheesy Poofs - a.k.a. Cheese Doodles for the foolish ones who do not learn life lessons from watching South Park. Her lunch was yogurt and an orange.

End of tale.

Now for Rich's Comments on Ed's tale:

This is the part I do not get. So now for the rest of the day Beth gets to walk around and starve. She'll drink water, eat carrots and become mean and nasty from food deprivation. Her blood sugar may drop; she will be reminded that she is dieting. The next morning she might be so hungry, thus triggering the end of what has been a very successful journey. She may sneak around the kitchen at night taking a nibble of this; a piece of that. She will open things ever so quietly so that others in the house do not hear her. She will brush her teeth; chew gum; and count the hours until bedtime...............and then applaud herself for getting through the rest of the day.

Hardly getting through the day as far as I am concerned. There was enough anxiety and frustration to lead me to hop in my car and head to Ying Yang buffet - and you know how I feel about buffets; refer to my book.

Whatever happened to owning up to our actions. How about eating a sensible dinner; and not for reasons of still trying to beat the scale at your weigh-in; but to show that you care about yourself? How about asking yourself why you ransacked the bag of cheesy poofs - I'd start with the yogurt and orange. Why would you punish yourself for an action that is not a death penalty offense?



At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...not for reasons of still trying to beat the scale at your weigh-in; but to show that you care about yourself." Thanks for the friendly reminder of why we're doing this in the first place. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the moment and beat ourselves up, which most likely leads to stupidity taking over. Seems common sense goes out the window at that point. But it's really about the bigger picture (and I don't mean that literally) - us! Score one for common sense!


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