Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Can you lose just 5 lbs. this year?

Can you lose five lbs. this year? Just five pounds? Just a simple five pounds?

How much effort would it take to lose five pounds this year? C'mon that's less than half a pound per month. I would bet for most people this would be painless; painless effort-wise and perhaps remove or reduce some pain from your joints.

Do you realize most adults slowly gain weight over the years? All of a sudden they look back and wonder where five pounds came from. Ten. Twenty. Thirty. Look at it this way, if your extreme attempts resulted in a 5 lb. weight gain in 2007, minimal attempts would have ultimately resulted in a 10 lb loss; the five you gained, plus the five you could have lost.

Imagine if over the next five years you could lose twenty-five pounds without really trying. Would that be monumental for some of you?

Minimal effort.
Long-term results.
Scales going in the right direction.
What do you think?

What will you do today to lose 1/2 a lb. this month? Eat one less snack? Swap a crappy snack for a piece of fruit? Park your car on the other side of the parking lot? Heck how about at the foot of the driveway for beginners? Order 1/2 a sandwich? The list goes on and on. Wouldn't it be great if you could look at what you ate on January 2, 2007 and just make a minor adjustment in the right direction? Well if you had kept a journal of everything you ate last year you could have. Oh, hindsight.

Now go get Skinny!

And no I am not crazy. But time is major obstacle for those who are trying to lose weight. So if you didn't read yesterday's post, there is still plenty of time to sign up for Rich's FREE 5 Minute Weight Loss Program. Imagine starting your day off doing something fun? Well now is the time. Sign Up Today Before Your Butt Gets Bigger . And if you're too chicken to sign up, please tell a friend. If it is not you, there is someone out there who wants to show off their success.


At 9:41 AM, Blogger Claudia said...

Hey Rich - 5 @ 5:30 or $5.30 sounds intriguing and ahem! challenging. Is the call-in a group chat of sorts? Is there any chance of getting hung up on busy signals (since we are racing out the door to exercise)? Have you considered some vacation reprieve - perhaps days noted on the application form? I'm not totally horrified at the idea of waking up to your mellifluous tones at 5:30am on my vacation (hide the lie detector!) but I often vacation out of cell range (Maine, W VA, VT) with no reliable phone service. Just an idea.

At 3:02 PM, Blogger The Big Kid said...


Everyone states their intention for the day; you're dialing in to a conference line, so no busy signals. So in addition to my mellifluous tones you'll hear ideas of others. No reprieves; too much admin nightmare for me. Let's face it; if it gets you to where you want to be and in the end IF it costs you a few bucks is there less value to the program?

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Claudia said...

Sure there is value even if not entirely free.

How about legal holidays off?!?!? MLK Day, President's Day?


At 3:29 PM, Blogger The Big Kid said...

Well if I decide to take those days off I owe all the participants $5.30


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