Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Is there a better choice?

Is there a better choice? Of course there is. There is always a better choice. But do you want to make the better choice? I think that is the bigger question.

Let's be real. There are times you want to make the better choice and times you do not. There are times when salad won't cut it and that burger seems like the alternative.

But then the inner struggle begins. "I know the salad is better for me; but the burger...............well the burger."

Hey, is there soup? A sandwich? Something that is not a salad and removes the turmoil of the burger. I'll bet there is.

And that my friend is how I would approach this holiday season. Make the 2nd or 3rd best choice. I bet you'll feel good and won't overdue it more often than not.

Happy Holidays!


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