Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"O" - Stop Your Worrying

Worried about the cookie swap this holiday season?
  • I don't know why. You decided to participate.

Worried about the leftovers from your holiday party or dinner?

  • I don't know why. You decided to cook so much.

Worried about not having enough time to get in your exercise routine?

  • I don't know why. It was you who made it less of a priority

Do you get my point. There is only one obstacle in this weight loss game. YOU!

So before you start worrying about a scenario, how about taking some time to imagine the successful outcome? (Remember the imagine piece on my audio program?)

So the choice is yours. You can be the Obstacle or the succesful Outcome!

What's it gonna be? And what will you do to make it happen?


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