Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hey Shrimpy!

How about a recipe today?

Here's a spin on popcorn shrimp............

  1. Go to grocery or seafood store.
  2. Buy lots of shrimp. Don't be cheap.
  3. Buy other things if you are so inclined. Or not if you bought lots of shrimp.
  4. Take the shrimp out of the bag.
  5. Defrost the shrimp if frozen.
  6. Take the tails off if they are still attached. (Is this too many steps already?)
  7. Dip the shrimp in egg, egg substitute or milk.
  8. Coat the shrimp in corn meal.
  9. Season the shrimp with your favorite seasoning. Don't be a wuss. Go spicy. Extra spicy.
  10. Bake until they are done. When are they done? When you get impatient! Or the fire department has arrived.
  11. Put cocktail sauce in a bowl. If you don't have cocktail sauce mix horseradish and ketchup. If you don't have those ingredients ask a neighbor or go to the store and buy them. If you're going to the store, be smart just buy the cocktail sauce.

Great Super Bowl food!


At 12:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm.... I'm not a shrimp eater but you got me thinking - this would probably work well with chicken too.... home made nuggets - that's something I've never tried before.... with dijon mustard for dipping it's all core too.... hmmm....

At 5:04 PM, Blogger Mikabelle said...

this does sound good. my husband is a wings nut and i try hard to avoid him and them! however he insists that i have something to eat during the football game. for the playoffs it was a little package of sushi. all for me! i love lemon squeezed on shrimp so to heck with borrowing cocktail sauce from my neighbors!


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