Saturday, January 20, 2007

DOING makes for success

DOING makes for success.

THINKING about doing makes for frustration, unhappiness and a destiny of being fat and miserable.

TRYING to do is a half-ass effort. You and I both know you can do better.

KNOWING what to do is denial.


So is there something you KNOW you need to THINK about TRYING?

Or should you just start DOING something regularly to step up, improve or start your weight loss journey?

HAPPY SATURDAY!!! I'm going out to play.


At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there!

I'm DOING program, I'm DRINKING water, I'm MOVING along. I love your blog! Maybe I will start a commenting craze... don't know why people don't jump in - I know YOU read this!

So, my question - how can this be??? I looked up "deli turkey breast" online eTools. It says 6 (yes SIX) slices for 1 (ONE) point! Could this be right??? Please advise before I turn into a deli turkey! (Just kidding, I know I know, moderation).

Thanks for all your support and motivation!
A Happy Deli Turkey Lover


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