Friday, January 26, 2007

These things are to die for

One afternoon Mary was telling Joe about this great new bakery that opened up on the other side of town. Mary went on and on about the chocolate éclairs.

"They're stuffed with the best almond flavored cream you will ever eat. The chocolate is the finest you will ever taste" Mary explained.

Joe loves chocolate éclairs. Looking at his waistline, he was trying to ignore Mary's descriptive words when she said the words we have all heard at one point in our life, perhaps we have even spoken them. She said "These things are to die for."

Joe couldn't take it any longer. He asked Mary where the bakery was. He hopped on his bicycle. He started riding across town, pedaling ever so quickly. He was trying to work off enough calories to eat two of those "to die for éclairs."

Joe was thinking about those éclairs and paying attention to nothing around him. He could taste them already.

Joe was hit and killed by a bus. Mary was right; they were to die for.

A not-so-true story by Rich DiGirolamo

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