Monday, June 19, 2006

Kayaking Around the Lake

I was out kayaking around the lake the other day. It was a warm, sunny day and I decided my arms were in need of a little workout. So a-kayaking I went.

Lots of people were out on the water, on their docks, or in their yards. I came across some neighbors and we started chatting. John, (not his real name; some of my neighbors read this and I don’t want to hurt feelings) made a comment about the weight of another neighbor - a derogatory comment!

So I responded with, “Well you look like you put on a few this winter.”

Then his wife chimed in. “Yeah, he has.”

John then acknowledged that yes, he got “fat” and he should do something about it.

Then his wife responded with, “Well we’re discussing it.”

I said good-bye and rowed on home.

But then I got thinking.

Discussing it? What is this discussing it crap? You’re fat. You say you’re fat and you’re “discussing” it? It’s time to move past discussion and on to action. You can be fat, potentially unhealthy and maybe even dead! Or you can do something about it today!!!! Or your family can discuss how young you “were” at your funeral.

Don’t you, the reader, agree? Are you still thinking about when you’re going to take control of your health?


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