Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Alcohol. Donuts. It's all the same.

Wouldn’t it be great if every person in your life supported your weight loss efforts? Wouldn’t it be great if your spouse, partner or whomever would stop bringing crap in the house?

Well here is something for you to ponder.........

Imagine living with someone who used to drink “a bit?” Imagine having alcohol in your home, yet that person never says anything to you. They just do what they have to do to keep clean. Can you imagine the challenge for this person? 20 years later?

There are people in your life who will continue to fill the house with sugar, fat and all kinds of other crap. I know you have perseverance and strength to “deal” with it. I hope you know it as well. If you don’t, consider the example above. So suck up and deal with the donuts; things could be worse.

Thanks Elizabeth for this great perspective!


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